About the Adaptation Team

Marcos Benevides

Series Editor, Lead Adaptation Writer

Marcos is a teacher and award-winning ELT coursebook author based in Japan. He is also a former learner of English as a second language. He started learning English at the age of eleven, after his family immigrated to Canada from Brazil. He believes it was his love of reading which helped him to learn the language quickly. One of his favorites back then was the original Choose Your Own Adventure series, which makes working on this project a real childhood dream come true for him.

As the series editor, Marcos has worked on all of the Choose Your Own Adventure titles. He has also adapted Search for the Yeti, Mystery of the Maya, The Destiny Device, Race Forever, School of the Living Dead, The Secret of Stonehenge, House of Danger, The Gorillas of Uganda, Task Force: U.N. Chinese Dragons, Terror on the Titanic, Treasure of the Onyx Dragon, Exiled to Earth, Smoke Jumpers, and Project UFO.

For more than fifteen years, Mark has taught English at universities in Tokyo. His research and teaching focuses on helping students and instructors incorporate extensive reading into the EFL classroom. Mark holds a degree in M.Ed. TESOL, with a specialization in critical linguistics. Currently, Mark enjoys finding new ways to engage learners by using computer assisted language learning approaches.

Mark has adapted the Choose Your Own Adventure titles Cup of Death, Lost on the Amazon, Murder in the Family, The Case of the Silk King, and The Jewels of Nabooti.

Ted is a member of the English Department in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Tokyo Medical and Dental University. Ted has long been active in the Japan Association of Language Teaching as a past co-editor of The Language Teacher. He now serves as JALT Publications Board Chair. Ted is an active Simple English Wikipedian, but he has always loved real books. His first-ever job was shelving returns in the Lenox Public Public Library for 25 cents an hour.

Ted has adapted the Choose Your Own Adventure titles Escape from Dorado, Return to Dorado, and Moon Quest.

Chris is a teacher and textbook writer based in Okinawa, Japan. He remembers reading many Choose Your Own Adventure books as a child, and he even recalls reading one particular book over and over until he reached an ending he was happy with (he may even have cheated a little, but that's a secret). His own life is not nearly as adventurous as this series of books, revolving mostly around work, watching old movies, and trying (in vain) to learn the drums.

Chris has adapted the Choose Your Own Adventure titles Secret of the Ninja, Inca Gold, Lost City of the Outback, Track Star, Silver Wings, and Tattoo of Death.